Sunday, January 15, 2012

No Deposit Forex Bonus 2012

Hi guys, do you want trade forex for free? Forex no deposit bonus Monthly? Yes you can find the tutorial here! Not only free $5 or $25 or $50, it’s kind unlimited forex no deposit bonuses! I’ve got more than $100 bonuses, even more than $500 (the exact bonus that I’ve got is $679.95). And the good news, it come every month! How to get more than $100 forex no deposit bonus? Here we go…
To get $100 more forex no deposit bonus, you should work hard as well. Not just sit on your hands and see your bonus flow to your forex real account! What work to do? OK first let take a look on my no deposit bonuses screenshot below:

                             The exact calculation forex no deposit bonus that I’ve got is $679.95!! It just the                                       bonuses, what about the profits?  

How to get these forex no deposit bonus?

To get these bonus, you must be active in the forums! Answering other members questions, posting tutorials, forex news, signals, ideas, or something regarding forum’s thread. Very simple, isn’t it?
There are about 4 forums out there that will pay for your post. Your single post worth $0.30-$0.3. Looks so small, but if you do my advice, you will get huge bonus no deposit here. This bonus is for forex educational only, because you can learn forex trading with real money without risking your capital. But if you are serious make money here, you must post consistently on the forums.

Okay , first step -click and register of these paid forums below :

Forex-Nigeria,      English Forum. ( this second )
MT5 Forum,         English Forum. ( a bit slow in update )
Forex Indian ,       English Forum ( try this first $0.30 per post )

*Please wait for activate link sometime it take up to a day to reach your email and try use gmail to register if possible , yahoo seems got problem to get activate link.Besides .

*There is no problem to post while waiting your activation link , And if still didn't receive it just ask in support section or PM administrator in support section .

For Forex-Nigeria And MT5 Forum Forum they is extra rule as below :

1)Forex-Nigeria forum-The same problem i have to face. before clicking on mail confirmation link i have the access to my profile but after the click on link confirmation i back to my profile page then i can see my profile page it is restricted by administrator.
Answer : You can only have full access to your profile when 10 of your posts are approved.
2)MT5 Forum - My post are invisible.
Answer : If you have made one post do not post it again. you need 10 approved posts in this forum to make it visible .
3)Problem with my account
Hello sir i have a account in this forum but i haven't been activate , i have make more than 10 post i think that the problem is in the link of confirmation e-mail i haven't recieve .How can i get it again ?
Answer : For this , sometime it need a day to reach in your email . Please check a long in spam section.If still didn't recieve it after a day please ask in support section or PM to id: alexcee or Administrator , they are very helpful .

You can register more than one of the forums above, and at least you have to register more than one to get more bonuses. Register button is on the top right of their website.

After Registered Those Forum ,
1)Register a new forex account with portalforum in referral section at . This is a rule to get pay from them .
2)Then attach the account number to all those pay forums on your profile to correct bonus .
Just that simple :)

Here the bonus no deposit calculation:

You need 10 to 20 post a day each forum but don't make 10 post in a second you WILL GET BAN .Please read the RULES and work for it .After get the bonus , please PM for my manage account service this gonna be a long term money for you
Okay, let say each post is worth $0.2. So your earning a day is:
20 x $0.2 = $4. Register 2 forums and you will get 2 x $4= $8 a day and $240 no deposit bonus a month and will be transfered to your real account every month, even more!
From $240 in the first month, you can trade it, withdraw the profits or compound the profits. I prefer compound the profits, but the profits are truly withdrawable. Here the proof:

The Plan
If you’ve got the bonus, trade it safe! Make a target a day that reliable targets. Let say 1% a day, so a month (20 days trading) you will get:
20% x $240 = $48
The next month you’ll get another $240, so your initial deposit if compounded:
$240 + $48 + $240 = $528
Second month trading you get profit:
20% x $528 = $105 and so on…

If you need a 100%-1000% in a month with some risk , i will do a manage account for your bonus account with 50% profit sharing .You must have a minimum 25USD in your bonus account and joint forum under me.Just PM id : iforex927 in these pay forum if you like . (",)

Remember, this is just the dirty calculation. You could get less or more depend on situations. It is not only about bonus for posting at forums, it also about make friends, communities, learn how the forex strategies work, finding free expert advisers, free forex signals, free strategies and so on. Many benefits that can be obtained there. Good luck guys!



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